Friday, May 14, 2010

Choose your own Adventure books..

Ahh, I loved those books when I was young. Just stumbled over a couple of other blogs about them, so thought I'd share.

I like the thought that if you enjoy them, you might be a budding programmer (see first link)...

Choosing Your Own Adventure
66 "Choose Your Own Adventure" Book Covers


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

HP 4410t Design Flaw

We've ended up with 28 thin client laptops, and for the most part they do what they are supposed to do. I had to uninstall a bunch of the default HP software we weren't using to free up a little more resources - otherwise an embedded WMV in a powerpoint would sometimes stutter. We also had quite a problem with Firefox's phishing filter halting keyboard input while it updated itself. It did cache the keystrokes and then display them, but it was sometimes 20-30 seconds later.

The model does have a hardware design flaw. When you flip it over so that the battery is at the top, there are two slider buttons on left and right that release the battery from the latch. On 9 of the 28 the right side latch is broken off. It is just a thin small piece of plastic, and why only the right side is breaking off I do not know. The batteries are a decent size and weight, with more of the weight on the right side.. The laptops are out on the road with sales reps, but they have bags and the laptops are not abused, just used.

The first time it happened I sent it in for warranty repair, but it was denied and we had to either pay a $90 (I think) eval fee or get it fixed for ~$200 (replace the entire bottom case). For the other 8 I'm just keeping them in the field as long as I can. The battery is a little loose and the contacts can separate, but I'm not paying to fix what appears to be a design flaw, when the units retail for < $600.

Interestingly, when I searched the HP Business Forums I found references to poor latch design on the 6730b and 6930p as well.


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

VBScript sorting!

Just a quick post I plan on following up on a little later..

I haven't coded in awhile, but have need to manipulate some text on a Windows 2000 PC. Since I've got a bunch of VBScript I've written before, and haven't used Perl yet and need to do this quickly, VBScript it is.

[bunch of stuff I'll write up in the next post]

Way cool! Instead of recreating the wheel, let's see what is out there for VBScript array sorting.. paydirt! Thank you Adamv! Quicksort - VBScript

I love open source ideas and code - sharing just makes sense to me. Thus my blog. :)



[edit 5/16/2011]

Looks like the site disappeared, here it is from the Wayback Machine.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Where is the Autosum Button in Spreadsheet (Calc) | The Outserve Limited Blog

Where is the Autosum Button in Spreadsheet (Calc) | The Outserve Limited Blog

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Thank you Phil Oakley - This was driving me crazy for the past 30 minutes! I was in Help, searching the web, thinking it was an OSX issue, looking through all of the toolbars for the missing Sigma symbol.. All to find it was a little to the left and down on the Formula bar!