Tuesday, November 17, 2009

HP thin client 4410t

We're rolling out new thin client laptops at my newspaper to replace older Neoware m100s. I think HP incorporated the best of Neoware into its own models when it bought them a couple of years back.

The m100s have a flash hard drive of only 512 megs, running Win XPe (XP embedded). Being older, they are bigger and heavier than the 4410ts.

I like this new model - 2 Gb flash hard drive, smaller and lighter - although the screen could be a bit bigger. You can get a standard image from HP with either Win XPe or the newer WES - Windows Embedded Standard. Funny thing, the splash screen still says XPe!

The next few posts will detail some of the issues I've run into and overcome while building out a customized image.


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